House Rules

  • Players must protect their hand at all times.
  • All games are table stakes.
  • All chips must be kept in plain view.
  • If you return to the same game within one half hour of cashing out, your buy-in must be equal to the amount you took off the table when you left the game.
  • Cash is not permitted on the table.
  • Check and raise is permitted.
  • A bet and three raises is allowed.
  • Racks are not permitted on the table.
  • Only one person may play a hand.
  • Players must always keep their cards in full view and on/over the table.
  • Verbal declaration out of turn MAY be binding.
  • Declaration in turn binding.
  • “Rabbit hunting” is not allowed.
  • Lobby time 20 minutes per 2 hours.
  • Both decks must make a complete round before changing.
  • NO foul language.
  • Management has the right to close any game at any time.
  • Floor persons decision is final.


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