Now spreading Pure 21 Blackjack!

We are now spreading Pure 21 Blackjack 7 days a week. $5 minimum bet. No Collection!

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New Promotion: Mondays, and Tuesdays double bargain at 3pm and 7pm $20 in bonus chips 3 hour minimum. Wednsdays bargain at 5pm $40 in bonus chips $60 minimum buy in $3-100 spread limit first 9 players 4 hours minimum

$2-$50 Texas Holdem. Blinds are 1-1-2. Minimum buy-in $30, maximum buy-in is $150. First 9 players receive $40 in chips for $20 in cash (must play 3 hours to keep bonus chips).

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The Oceanview Casino provides a clean, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere in which you may choose to play various games of poker. We are currently offering: Texas Holdem, $3-$100 spread limit, $5-$200 spread limit (Friday nights only), $2-$50 spread limit holdem, and a $3-$6 fixed limit Dealers Choice game which consists of Texas Holdem high and hi/lo split, Crazy Pineapple high and hi/lo split, and Omaha high and hi/lo split. The Oceanview Casino is happy to spread any of these games at anytime upon player request.

Texas Holdem tournaments are held Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays.