Oceanview News & Events

CLOSED Thanksgiving 11/24

CLOSED Monday, July 4th

CLOSED Father’s Day, Sunday June 19th.

CLOSED Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8th


$60 Buy-In (includes $10 entry fee) – $5000 Chips

$5 Dealer Appreciation Option – $1000 Chips

$15 Bounty

  • Each player receives one bounty token upon entry. When a player busts out, the winner of the hand gets any bounty tokens that have been accumulated.
  • Bounty tokens are paid out at the start of the final table ($15 per token).

No re-buys.

Re-entries are permitted.



GEGA #002223

CLOSED Easter Sunday, March 27th

CLOSED Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th


CLOSED Thursday December 24

CLOSED Friday December 25

CLOSED Thursday December 31

CLOSED Thursday 11/26/15. Happy Thanksgiving!

Join us for our Commercial Release Party on Saturday, November 28th

commercial_partyPlease come check out our new commercial Saturday, November 28th at 8:30pm! Join the Oceanview Staff along with the creator/director in celebrating the release of our first commercial! Food and drinks will be provided. See you there!