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Hello, my name is Jim, and in this column we will be discussing the many different aspects of Holdem and Omaha Poker. Also, I will be addressing topics such as “House Rules”, “Poker Pace”, and general poker etiquette, among others.  I will try to answer all serious questions, and maybe a few humorous ones as well. There will be little room for bad beat stories, as in the last 30 years I have heard (or experienced) just about all of them. Rants and raves may be accepted. From time to time I will be interviewing Poker Industry people regarding topics that we have, or will be reviewing. It is my hope that you find this column interesting and informative, so if you wish, you may contact me.

We will be posting every Monday, rain or shine. And don’t forget, you can never win if you don’t quit while you’re ahead….     jim


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How does racing for chips work?

This question came from J.H., who asked about how racing for chips works. This is a process used in tournaments only. As a tournament progress’s, the blinds become bigger, and with that, larger bets. The smaller denomination chips that were used in play to begin the tournament are then consolidated to larger denomination chips. (Usually around the end of the third blind increase) I.E. The dealer exchanges four of your $25 chips for one $100 chip. (In the poker world, this is called coloring up) But wait! Some one always has an odd number of chips. (5,6,or 7, $25 chips) Those chips are left in front of the player, and the dealer then turns face up one card for each chip left in front of you. Of the players that had extra chips, (the dealer adds up the total of all the chips) the highest card gets the first $100 chip, the second highest, the next $100 chip, and so on. Thus, the “race” for chips.

Does Oceanview provide dealers/games for private parties?

This question was indirectly referred to me, from T.G. who asked about the possibility of setting up a game at another location for a private party. We are licensed by the State of California Department of Justice to do business, and to a specific business address. We can, however, cater to private parties at the Casino for Poker and/or Blackjack tables. This has already been an option for various charities that we have hosted, and a private group of ladies that wanted to play just among themselves. Anyone interested may contact me at the Casino or online.

Languages spoken at the poker table

R.C. sent me an e-mail and asked about different languages being spoken at the poker table. Now this falls under the category of “House Rules”. That means that each cardroom can determine how to deal with this issue, and that they may not be totally consistent from town to town. At The Oceanview Casino we require that only English be spoken while a hand is in progress. That includes all players seated at the table weather they are in the hand or not. Once the hand is over, players may converse in other languages.