Camilo wants to know how old you need to be to play?

Hey Jim, I would like to know, what’s the age to join your casino to play blackjack. I’m 18years old. Most casino would only accept 21 and over. I would love to join your casino. Thank you

Hola Camilo, in California the legal age to gamble is 18. However most card rooms and casinos in the state serve alcohol which raises the age to be present to 21. Some cities such as Santa Cruz decide to err on the on the side of caution, and even though we do not allow any alcohol on the premises, (much less sell or distribute it) they still require our customers to be 21. Go figure. Anyway, short of gathering all the 18 year old’s in town to unite in protest, I’m afraid we won’t be meeting anytime soon. Oh, and please be advised that even though we do not necessarily agree with the policy, we enforce it religiously. Thanks for the interest,    jim


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