How can someone keep getting monster hands?

A.G asked: ” Who is the nice old lady who plays mostly tourneys? I mean, i want no names, i just mean, is it really possible that she wakes up with AA every time someone has AK, I have seen it repeatedly…  Good luck, good charms? Or something more sinister?  I saw here waking up with AA three times in a row in the  final table”..

Well A.G. you are absolutely right, there is something happening here, I have seen it myself. There seems to be some people who on any given night, are dealt great hands (and get great flops) throughout the night. (Not like a “rush” winning 4 or 5 hands in a row) And they seem to have that happen to them on more than one playing session. No, nothing sinister here, I guess that we could put it into a sub-category of LUCK. In the poker world this phenomena, if you will, is often referred to, as “holding a lot of cards.” i.e. “Joe breezed through the tournament, he sure held a lot of cards today.” Meaning he was dealt a lot of strong starting hands. I have learned to try to avoid encounters with these blessed people, even nice old ladies, as it invariably costs me money if I fail to do so.

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